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Are there any other places like Mac's at 19 Broadway in the Fairfax Bars? The atmosphere in Mac's is superb, and the vintage cocktails are just a few of the highlights. The staff is friendly, and the patrons are equally warm. Parking is easy and well-lit. Located in a busy part of town, Mac's is accessible by car or bus.

Mac's at 19 broadway

The atmosphere at Mac's Lounge is wonderful, as is the live music. There are also plenty of vintage cocktails to choose from. The staff is friendly and the patrons are as well. Parking is abundant and well-lit. If you have an upcoming event in Fairfax, Mac's may be the place to go. Here's a little history about this historic Fairfax bar.

In August, Mac's will host Marcie Miller's Prohibition Walking Tour. Participants are encouraged to dress up in a 1920s-era outfit and may even win a prize for best costume. They'll learn how to mix a cocktail with a prohibition-era flavor from trained Mac mixologists. There will also be a screening of films from the era. With its new look and live entertainment, Mac's at 19 Broadway is filling a niche in Fairfax's nightlife.

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There are many good reasons to visit Mac's at 19 Broadway in Fairfax. Its atmosphere is unmatched, and you'll enjoy vintage cocktails, live music, and friendly staff. Parking is easy and plentiful, and there are no signs of the bar's recent renovations. Whether you're looking for a place to spend a Friday night with friends or just an excuse to grab a drink, Mac's at 19 Broadway is the perfect spot to enjoy a night out with your family and friends.

The new name and design of Mac's at 19 Broadway are a pleasant change from the neighborhood's other bars. It also boasts a variety of events. For example, in August, Mac's at 19 Broadway will host a Prohibition Walking Tour, where participants will be encouraged to dress up as they would during Gatsby Days. Afterward, they'll be taught how to make prohibition-style cocktails by Mac's certified mixologists. The bar also has retro movies to enjoy. Whether you want to drink cocktails, listen to live music, or simply relax and watch the passing time, Mac's at 19 Broadway fits a unique niche in Fairfax's nightlife.

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The newest addition to the Fairfax bars entertainment scene is Mac's at 19 Broadway. The former rock mecca once hosted live music every night and was a favorite among locals and rock fans alike. Its gentrification and family-friendly environment made it difficult for rock fans to find a place to enjoy their favorite drink. However, its history and atmosphere will certainly make you feel right at home.

In August, Mac's at 19 Broadway will host a Prohibition Walking Tour. Participants are encouraged to dress up as they did during the Great Gatsby era. They will be taught how to mix prohibition-style cocktails by trained Mac mixologists. They will also be able to watch old movies from that period. With live music and a unique cocktail bar experience, Mac's at 19 Broadway is filling a niche in the Fairfax nightlife.